Why you want a FiBER FORCE® Denture

By choosing FiBER FORCE® for your next denture, you can prevent the unpleasant situation of having your denture break at the most inappropriate of times. FiBER FORCE® dentures are 3 times more resistant to fracture. FiBER FORCE® makes dentures significantly more resistant to the continual force applied through chewing, and therefore more resistant to breaking down over time. In the unlikely situation that a fracture does occur, you will be able to wear your denture until you can see your dental professional.

FiBER FORCE® is an ultra-thin, lightweight fiber mesh reinforcement that is custom-made and then bonded as a layer in the middle of an upper or lower denture. FiBER FORCE® is virtually invisible and adds no weight, or thickness to the denture. In fact, many professionals can now make dentures thinner and more comfortable than ever.

If your previous denture has broken, it may not be because it was made incorrectly, but because the acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile. Traditional dentures can easily break due to shock (if they drop) or from fatigue caused by continual micro-shocks created while chewing.