We strive to provide a top quality product. We use only the best materials when constructing your dentures, and take the time necessary to achieve the best results. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Your smile is an investment, and purchasing quality dentures now can save you money in the long run. As well, dentures are about more than just function, you deserve to look your best, and believe that you do too.

Free Consultations – No obligation or pressure on your first visit
New Patients Always Welcome – No referral necessary
Full Dentures – Standard, Precision and BPS (discover the difference)
Implant Dentures – Throw out the denture adhesives. Read More
Permanent Soft Liners – for those sensitive and sore gums
Partial Dentures – Cast (metal) and ValPlast (flexible) with invisible clasps
Immediate Dentures – (are placed in directly after teeth are removed)
Professional Denture Cleaning – We provide professional ultrasonic cleaning of dentures and partials for tartar and plaque removal so that your denture can be fresh and sparkling clean
We also carry professional products:

 Renew which is a professional strength denture cleaner which you can use yourself at home
We have a full service lab on premises in both locations and are pleased to offer:

Repairs (usually same day) – have a broken denture, or need a tooth or clasp added to your partial?
Relines (usually same day) – are your dentures loose? Have them tightened
Pro-Form Mouth guards
We subscribe to DACnet so we can electronically submit your dental claims to most insurance companies.