BPS® stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System. These Dentures are ‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing. They feature the best teeth and plastics money can buy.

By far the best part of BPS® Dentures are the use of the SR Ivocap processing system. This unique system uses continuous heat and injection moulding to produce dentures that are comfortable and functional. The acrylic is injected under pressure and during the curing process which produces a denture without shrinkage and warping which can occur under regular processing.

Ivoclar teeth such as “SR Vivodent PE” are natural like teeth that recreate the character of your smile. They are made of multiple layers of double cross linked acrylic reins that contribute to their life like appearance and well known resistance to wear.

A Stratos 300 Ivoclar articulator is used to strategically position the teeth.

BPS® Dentures are made to restore the natural look of your lips and support of your facial muscles.

BPS® Dentures are extremely life-like, comfortable, functional and durable.

No Compromise!

Normally BPS® Dentures require 5 – 7 Appointments, these include the following:

  1. Consultation and Examination
  2. Preliminary Impressions utilizing the Accu-Dent system
  3. Final impressions
  4. Face Bow transfer utilizing a Universal Transfer system UTS
  5. Bite registrations using an intraoral tracing device, such as a Ivoclar Gnathometer
  6. Wax Try in Set up utilizing Ivoclar teeth an Ivoclar Stratos 300 articulator
  7. Ivocap processing and then finally Insertion


The three core components of the BPS system are:

(1.) Ivocap injection moulding processing system

The SR Ivocap® system uses a controlled heat/pressure polymerization procedure during which time the exact amount of material flows into the flask to compensate for Shrinkage which ensures a perfect fit.This pressure also optimizes the physical properties of the SR Ivocap® High Impact denture base material and enhances the bond of the acrylic teeth to the base. An increase in the vertical dimension of the denture is also avoided.

SR Ivocap® Advantages:

  • Complete polymerization– reduced irritation to the gums from free monomer. Great for those with allergies.
  • Strong – extremely dense material reduces the chances of breakage.
  • Clean – because of the injection process the denture base become non porous limiting the traditional odour that you can get from ordinary dentures.
  • Accuracy – again, due to the injection moulding process, conventional dimensional changes do not occur. Dentures are accurate and they fit as expected.
  • Health – because BPS dentures are accurate, none irritating, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, patients can eat better than conventional dentures.
  • Aesthetics – Due to the natural appearance of Ivoclar teeth, resistance to wear and the attention to detail and precision incorporated during the construction of the dentures, dentures appear as natural as possible, so patients can smile, speak and laugh with confidence
  • Fit – due to extreme care incorporated in the construction of the dentures, it results into a better fitting, more comfortable prostheses (dentures that will require fewer adjustment appointments)

(2.) Ivoclar teeth
The Ivoclar teeth are manufactured using a layering process that produces a natural opalescence. Life like characterizations, such as demineralization points, are captured within every tooth.

(3.) Stratos 300 articulator

The Ivoclar Stratos 300 is an individually adjustable articulator. With its joint mechanics, all the important parameters can be continuously set; including the protrusion angle, Bennett angle and immediate side-shift, as well as, lateral, retrusive and protrusive eccentric movements can be accomplished. In layman’s terms this means we can simulate all of your jaw movements from front to back and side to side. This can greatly reduce the tipping of your dentures as you eat.